Thursday, April 4, 2013

Misconceptions about parenting

If you feel that every decision you make as a parent than that to allow children to eat sweets before their bribe to go to sleep, there's a halo of guilt, relax, and probably be falling under the influence of misconceptions about parenting. Fear of parental responsibility is the most common reason for accepting the most common misconceptions about parenting, assures us that behavioral psychologists. We want to do what is good for children, but we fear or feelings of guilt sometimes lead to the fact that we doubt their decision.

Before you go to any extreme, whether you decide to officially or unofficially compete for the "Parent of the Year" or the despair of their parenting skills, become familiar with the most common misconceptions about parenting that have plagued many parents and before you. 1.Parents always must be calm and control their feelings Regardless of how much you are patient and calm person, sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation that is simply no longer have the nerve and explode. It is important to accept that this is not the end of the world, the truth is that most of the attention and love should have the family and the stress of the job does not need to bring home, but more important is how you act upon it. As soon calm down, take a deep breath, hug your kids and excuse them. It's okay that children see that even mom sometimes erroneous, until you show them that you are really a mistake and that it is not acceptable behavior. 2. Buy bad Bribery is itself a word with a negative meaning, but good news for moms to sometimes just fine to use candy or some other type of reward for achieving goals in the students' habits. For example, it is quite wrong to reward a child because he has learned to use his nose. Just be careful not to fall into the trap that every thing that kids do not give rise to an award because the desired behavior in this case disappear soon disappear awards. 3. Never not bother to argue in front of children fighting is healthy and inevitable part of the relationship between two people who love you. As long as the fighting is not such that physical or emotional harm to one partner, or relating to the upbringing of the child is necessary to protect a child from every little disagreement with your partner. It is important that your children see that you and your partner to solve disagreements and discussions ending so you've found a common solution.Children will also understand that mommy and daddy love although not always agree in everything, and learns an important life lesson about resolving conflicts between people. 4.When a parent no longer have time for yourself No matter how much you love to be a mom and how you fulfill this role and in addition to all the obligations of motherhood does not have to be a waiver. As long as you are our children have food, water, a comfortable home, safety and love, it's okay to tackle and things that are not directly related to parenting, whether it was a hobby, going to the theater or coffee with companions. Finding time for these activities, and will fulfill some of the other aspects of your life, and your children will be able to enjoy what makes them happiest, and it is happy and satisfied mom. 5. All children should be treated the same way every child's story for themselves and different little person. As much as I try to be the same to every child, children need access to a variety of ways, it's just that you are fair to everyone. It is quite normal that the oldest child given certain privileges, for example, the ability to stay outside longer, or that the youngest child first assist in a task, as long as you provide them with an explanation why you are who acted. Rivalry among children is quite expected behavior and should not suppress it at all costs, but you learn to avoid the behavior that leads to rivalry. Remember that your job as a parent is not to be perfect, just good enough parent. Certainly there is no such approach to parenting that will convince you that you are always right and never have no feeling of guilt, but hopefully we rebutting these blunders contributed to your greater self-confidence as moms and dads. 

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